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With the support of great people within our management that had to have more than 15 years of working experience in facility management and cleaning services provider as well as strategic marketing consultants, we are surely ready to face the world where everything is moving to digital and automation systems, just like how we currently developing our own integrated system. 

It all started where the commitment begins to not sets some limit for our work just to be labeled as a working hard facility management vendor, as we would also like to be recognized as solid teamwork, the one that is not working in silos anymore. We’re working with the helicopter point of view and efficiently assist by our very own ICD -Smart Integrated System; we would like to quickly identify the problem and minimize the possibilities of wasted time and cost.


PT INDO CIPTA DAYA with RENNO INDONESIA that stands for creative people, innovative solutions are here to bring the concept of integrated building maintenance facility management by implementing technological advances. The goal is to be more straightforward process of monitoring work and valid data for customers in determining the allocation of better budget usage from time to time. RENNO INDONESIA also has a mission to be one of the pioneers in implementing green cleaning, that is environmentally friendly and safe for customers and RENNO agents.

The foundation for establishing PT INDO CIPTA DAYA was the initiation from me, ALVIN BAHAR, who previously had experience in cleaning services for approximately 15 years with his last position as Director of Operations. Currently, PT INDO CIPTA DAYA is registered as an active member of ISSA (International Sanitary Supply Association), a leading trade association for the cleaning industry worldwide with more than 7,000, with member number 514102.

Hopefully, with the presence of PT INDO CIPTA DAYA with the brand RENNO INDONESIA, it can be well received by the Indonesian market and contribute to opening up job opportunities and improving the welfare of the Indonesian people.

Alvin Bahar


To become one of the largest companies in Indonesia that can participate in helping improve the quality of life for people and the environment on a global scale.


Provide creative and innovative solutions for:

  • Customers to improve the effectiveness of property and labor asset management
  • Committed to assisting employees in developing their skills and potential.




RENNO is specially developing a digital ecosystem called Smart-Integrated System by ICD (Indo Cipta Daya) to help us building a more efficient environment, covering 3 main functions: 

Agile Recruitment Process

T.P.I Project Management

Smart Head Quarter

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