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Core Services

Commercial business


Cleaning services that come along to ensure that the environment within the property is not only clean but also well-maintained, covering both accessories and facilities, as we will prepare our RENNO Agent with multiple skills beyond cleaning.  


Specialized for areas that require a higher level of hygiene quality, such as clinics and hospitals, pharmacy industrial factories, consumer goods factories and international schools. We trained our RENNO Agent with Learning Management System to make sure they meet the standard to be assigned as RENNO Clean Pro, as we equipped them not just with cleaning module, but also hygiene and disinfection knowledge with the right equipment and tools.


Providing well-trained manpower in accordance with the client requests for receptionist, customer service, doormen, and other queries. We’re not just recruiting but we also prepared RENNO Co-Worker with Learning Management System to make sure that they meet the standard requirement from our client.

Supporting Services

Commercial business


Cleaning service with the main goal to maintaining high and difficult to reach areas in the commercial building as well as luxury property.


Assist you to maintain any things related to the gardening services, including plants and herbs that are inside to maintain the aesthetic beauty of the garden itself. We believe the beautiful and maintain the gardening landscape of your property will give value-added not just for clients, consumer’s clients, but also for the earth.


Pest control services to handle such as rats, mosquitoes, ants, termites, cockroaches, snakes, and other related problems by using eco-friendly chemicals. And why we called pest management because we know it will be required consistent monitoring and maintenance to keep your property pest-free.

Individual Customers

home care


For individual customers, we also provide Renno Home Care, with range of services: 


Services that aim to destroys or inactivates both the bacteria and viruses on hard, nonporous surfaces by using spraying method. As we already have GBAC certificate, we supported by an experienced team, and we know what the right procedure will be to conduct disinfectant activities using disinfectant solution that has been approved by the EPA. (U.S Environmental Protection Agency).

When to disinfect? 

  • High transmission of COVID-19 in your community
  • Low vaccination rates in your community
  • Infrequent use of other prevention measures, such as mask wearing (among unvaccinated people) and hand hygiene
  • The space is contained by people at high risk for severe illness from COVID-19

As part our goodwill to fight Covid-19, our pricing is affordable although we’re using experienced team and premium disinfectant material.

RENNO deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is services that provide more detailed and intense cleaning, with 2 major aims:

  1. Cleaning all surfaces that can’t be reached by regular cleaning,
  2. Kills bacteria on all surfaces.

To complete the process, usually followed by the use of thermal sanitization or disinfectant chemicals to kill all germ, bacteria, and viruses.


Sanitary services use the hot steam method intending to kill bacteria and microorganisms on the surface. The advantage of this method is chemical-free so it is safe for all kinds of surfaces. Suitable for kitchen and pantry area at hotel, restaurant, and café.


Natural stone maintenance and repair services (marble, granite, terrazzo, onyx, paras Jogjapaliman, and others) to fully restore your stone to its original color and shine using eco-friendly technology and method. The services are applied for all types of clients both in commercial buildings and personal luxury property 


 Services that mainly handle bed & carpet cleanliness include removing all dust mites, their excrement, and any other debris that may have accumulated, such as dead skin and hair. We neutralize any dust mites that might re-infest and applying an anti-allergen to keep dust mites away for a considerable time. 

Renno Hydro-Vacuum

The dust particle separation service is chemical-free because it is also equipped with dual separator technology that causes higher turbulence in the air so that dust particles are absorbed more quickly. So, it’s safe for your environment. It is suitable for cleaning mattresses, sofas, carpets, curtains from dust & allergy-causing mites. 

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