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Facility Management Service assisted with ICD System, digital ecosystem, to integrate all business processes in contented  our customer satisfaction to the fullest.   


The art of providing Facility Management Services is not only limited to maintain the cleanliness of the building but also delivering all aspects of services that are impacted to the comfy feeling whenever anyone is being around the area of the building.

As a service provider that values the quality of facility management itself, RENNO INDONESIA assisted with a digital integrated system called ICD – Smart Integrated System, digital ecosystem, to integrate all business processes in contented  our customer satisfaction to the fullest.   INDO CIPTA DAYA also provides manpower support to help our customers in selecting the best resources to enhance their business satisfaction.

Build with passion on cleaning, we also give Consultation Services on how to Maintain Luxury Property, from private houses to villas. We educate and train your butler and home cleaner employees to make sure they’re not just know how to clean but also understand how to maintain your property.

Why Renno

ICD Smart Integrated System

With ICD Smart-Integrated System, you can easily manage, review, and monitor the whole process of the tasks through an automatic system.

Working with Integrity

Maintaining our client’s trust through the best quality of tools & materials that we use and handled by well-trained & reliable crews called RENNO AGENT.

Green Cleaning

Our main future commitments are to offer our clients how to implement the green cleaning method by using eco-friendly chemicals.

Fast & Reliable

Assisted by our digital integrated system combined with our professional crews for our clients, we are just one call away, 24/7 at your service.


Member of ISSA and trained technical certification from GBAC about the appropriate cleaning work system during the pandemic.

One Stop Services

Facility management service provider that consists of well-trained crews for various business sectors, from a commercial building into residential.

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